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You might be facing separation or divorce. You might be worried about the care and custody of your children. You might not be sure how you will make ends meet, how to protect your safety or the safety of your children, or how to secure your fair share of the property you obtained during your marriage. Whether you are husband or wife, father, mother or grandparent, I am here to help you better understand your legal situation, set achievable goals and make decisions with the most information available, and prepare you for court.

An experienced Pennsylvania family lawyer.

I am a Pennsylvania and New Jersey family lawyer with experience assisting clients in Pennsylvania and New Jersey with their divorce and family law challenges.

When you face some of the most painful and difficult decisions you may ever have to make, I will offer you clear answers, frank perspectives, and affordable legal help at the time you need it most. We will discuss your situation in the detail it deserves, and I will address your questions in plain English to make sure that you have as much information as possible to understand both your situation and your options. I can help you stay out of trouble by showing you the pitfalls in the road ahead, work with you to set achievable goals, and defend you against attack.

A family lawyer who cares.

I think of myself as dealing mainly in informed clients, and protected clients. That means making sure that you know exactly where you stand, and what actions you can take to move forward. It means making sure that your former partner does not overstep without consequence. It means being willing to negotiate a settlement agreement, and helping you make sure that it is a fair one. It means explaining how you can minimize the impact of separation on your children, understand where your case might be weak, and learn how to find and maximize opportunity.

A good divorce attorney will offer practical guidance and easy-to-understand advice while searching for solutions that fit your situation and minimize conflict. I will not shy away from a fight, but neither do I believe in creating a needless divorce war that serves a lawyer’s interests, but not those of his client. Many family law cases settle without having to go to court, and I will work with you to explore how we might achieve your goals without a fight, if possible. Whatever the outcome, I and my people will stand by you through every step of your case to the very end, from your initial consultation through the time your case either settles or goes to trial. I want you to have high expectations of me, and of my professional legal services.

Your legal team is on the job.

When you make the call to bring my family law firm on board, we go to work as a team. You will find me and my staff to be responsive, knowledgeable and flexible as we handle each aspect of your case. I will make sure that you are always up to date about where you stand and what will happen next, and you can count on us to answer your questions promptly and in plain English. We will guide you through your challenges, telling you what you need to know to take full advantage of opportunities while avoiding unnecessary trouble. An informed client is always our best partner.

Finding the best attorney for Pennsylvania family court.

There are plenty of divorce and family lawyers in Allegheny County, and we all want to provide you with the same basic service. How do you tell lawyers apart to find the best and most affordable family law attorney? Educate yourself as much as you can in advance. As you browse among us, look past the professional ad copy and read what we actually have to say for ourselves. Look with a skeptical eye at the puffery in slogans like “Best divorce and family lawyers in Pittsburgh!” “Pittsburgh Super Lawyer!” and “Over 30 years of combined experience!” and see if a lawyer will spend a few minutes with you on the telephone to introduce himself and to listen to your concerns. Find out how much divorce lawyers will charge you for their professional time; do they have affordable fees, and will they talk with you about how to minimize legal expenses?

I focus on quality, affordable solutions for my clients. You can trust that I will always take the time to address your concerns and work with you to develop a resolution that works for you and your family — both immediately, and in the long term. Although no family lawyer can guarantee a particular result, my priority is to devote my best efforts to deliver effective results in a timely fashion. You will find me proactive in helping to quickly and efficiently solve problems and accomplish achievable goals. I will always remain available to you, answering you by telephone, e-mail, text or whatever form of communication is most convenient to you. Should you have a question or concern, you should feel comfortable in contacting me directly.

I will work to successfully handle your case while avoiding drawn out, expensive and contentious disputes. I never sugar-coat the truth, and will always remain honest about the prospects in your case.

All initial consultations are without charge. Regardless of the nature of your needs, it is important that you are aware of your rights and that you act quickly to protect those rights. Failure to act in a timely manner may result in the loss of your right to pursue appropriate legal action.

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