Real Estate

Buying or selling a home is usually the largest financial transaction that people are involved with in the course of their lives. Therefore, it is important that you have an experienced attorney to protect your interest and to make sure any tax liens have been satisfied, and that the title is free from any encumbrances.

Our firm focuses on one thing: providing professional, effective and cost-efficient real estate and closing services to buyers, sellers, lenders, realtors, and individuals who are selling property on their own.

We are highly respected by both realtors and lenders and we appreciate that they refer many clients to us. Our firm provides our real estate clients with cohesive and well-rounded representation on all aspects of law affecting real estate issues and real estate ownership.

Short Sale

If your home is worth less than the principle balance of your mortgage, don’t worry, a short sale might be the answer to your problems. In today’s fast moving market, changes occur to the rules and regulations governing short sales and it’s imperative that you find not only a broker that understands these changes, but an attorney that can protect you from damages Realtors simply cannot.

During the past couple of years, foreclosures have become much more common throughout the United States, including Pennsylvania and New Jersey. During this period, the term “short sale” has been used more and more often. Short sales are extremely important because, when done properly, they have the potential of allowing a property owner to avoid bankruptcy and foreclosure, even if the property owner owes more to the lender than the property is worth. The purpose of this page is to provide some basic information about short sales. For specific information about your situation, please contact our office to set up a consultation.

Loan Modification

Today, Americans are experiencing a major crisis in their personal financial stability. Home-ownership, which is in fact, the largest and most important asset of most everyone, is now being threatened. Due to an increasing number of abusive lending practices in the mortgage lending industry over the past several years, suffering families are faced with decreasing home equity, foreclosures, and a withering realization of the “American Dream”, which they worked so hard to obtain. Predatory lending practices affect everyone and you deserve someone who will stand by you with a full understanding of your rights under the law.

This is not a bankruptcy law firm and our intent is to assist in saving the clients’ home through investigation and research of the legal steps taken by the lender and/or their attorneys or to negotiate with the lenders to modify the current mortgage so that the homeowner does not lose their home due to default. There are also numerous programs available upon which we may rely to assist in this area, depending on what type of loan or mortgage the client has and who the mortgage lender might be.

You may have equity in your home to protect and save, or even if you presently owe more on your mortgage than the house may be worth, avoiding foreclosure also positively affects and protects your credit now and in the future.

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